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Parakey Web Portal on a Macbook in the lap of a woman sitting outside among autumn leaves.

Even smoother access management with Parakey's new web portal πŸŽ‰

In this blog post, we take a look at everything that's gotten easier, greater-looking and better in the digital key factory.

Become a pro in Parakey's new web portal

In September 2023, Parakey Next Gen Portal will finally become standard - book a "get started" session with our awesome Customer Success team!

Unbelievable number of new features during spring 2023

A lot has happened in our products during the first half of the year: including dark mode, "favorites", new functionality in Parakey Slim and improvements in the portal.

Parakey PDL - New and improved lock case in early fall

In early fall 2023 we will release a new and improved version of the lock case - Parakey PDL 2.0!

Parakey Slim is directly integrated with motor locks in the SAFETRON 6000 series

To meet the needs and wishes of the market, motor locks in the SAFETRON 6000 series is integrated directly with the world's smallest access control system, Parakey Slim.

2022 at Parakey - absolutely outstanding

2022 is not over yet, but we want to highlight already what a fun and amazing year it is and has been!

Parakey Slim - Product launch

The world's smallest access control system, Parakey Slim, was launched by Parakey on 16 September at Space Arena in Stockholm.

Massive update of Parakey PDL and functionality in the Parakey app

Parakey PDL gets both more robust and smarter with new software. The Parakey app gets accessibility support, facilitating installations and forced unlock.

Parakey Highlights 2020

With the hope that our risk groups can soon be vaccinated, we put the Corona year behind us, but first we look at some really good highlights from 2020.

Parakey simplifies smartphone access to bookings through new integration

Now there is an integration in place between Parakey and the online booking service BokaMera.

Zapier + Parakey = Automated access management

Now it will be even easier to automate your key management through the products and services you already use.

Benefits of remote access management

When you have Parakey, you maintain control over key management and even passages even when working remotely.