Your smartphone as a key

"Everyone has their phone with them, it is rare that you forget your phone. The key, you forget."
- Ronald, Toca Boca
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An iPhone with lock picking and an Android phone with darkmode
Never forget your key

Unlock with your phone

Unlock, even without internet

All unlocking is done offline via Bluetooth where all communication is unique and encrypted.

No more scrolling for the right door

Easy to unlock as only doors that you are close to and have a key to are shown in the app.
Successful unlocking from an iPhone

All keys in your phone

Stop carrying around all your keys, fobs and access cards. Collect all your keys safely and conveniently in your phone.

Favorite doors at the top of the app

Doors that you often unlock are displayed at the top of the app for quick unlocking, choose how many to display.
Parakey NFC stickerAn iPhone with NFC scanning active
Parakey NFC sticker

Tap to unlock

Unlock the door quickly and easily by holding your phone against the Parakey NFC sticker by the door.
Over 400,000 satisfied users are already unlocking with the the smartphone
Multiple tilted iPhones displaying the Parakey app on iOS
Managing on the move

Mobile administration

Enables management of users and mobile keys - directly from the app.
Send mobile keys
Add and remove users
Provide time-restricted access
Send a key from the Parakey app
Setting up widgets on an iPhoneDarkmode in an Android phone
Easy becomes easier and even better looking

Dark mode & widgets

Support for dark mode that follows the phone's settings
Widget to quickly open the app
Widget for easier scanning of NFC sticker
Installer tools in-app

Built-in toolbox

A single app with all the tools to ensure the best installation and user experience of Parakey for customers.
Installation guide with quality assurance
Wireless update of software in hardware
Analysis of units
Three iPhones showing the Parakey installation tool in the Parakey App

What do customers say?

Stena Fastigheter logo
"Our tenants appreciate being able to easily issue and remove mobile keys to employees on their own."
Emmie from Stena Fastigheter
Emmie Andjelic Ekholm
Commercial manager, Stena Fastigheter Malmö
Toca Boca logo
"Everyone has their phone with them, it is rare that you forget your phone. The key, you forget."
Roland from Toca Boca
Ronald Holmberg
Senior IT Technician, Toca Boca
"We save a lot of time inviting users to Parakey, compared to activating a key fob."
Victoria from IOFFICE
Reception & event, IOFFICE
Revelop logo
"Parakey is a much more stable and robust system than other solutions we have tested."
Calle from Revelop
Calle Wettergren Henriksson
Head of PropTech & Digitalization, Revelop

Frequently asked questions

What happens if my phone runs out of battery?
If your phone doesn't have any battery, you can borrow someone else's smartphone to log in to the Parakey app and unlock a door. When you use the app on another device, you are automatically logged out of your own phone as you can only be logged in on one device at a time.
Does the phone need internet connection to unlock?
No, you do not need an internet connection to unlock a door. If you have been offline for a long time, the app needs to ensure the validity of your keys, this is done as soon as you have an internet connection. Then you can use Parakey offline again.
On which phones can Parakey be used?
The Parakey app can be used on iPhone with iOS 12 or later and Android phones with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later. That is, more phones than BankID supports.
Can I be logged in on several phones at the same time?
No, you can only be logged in on one phone at a time. If you log in to a new phone, you will automatically be logged out of the previous one.
Why does Bluetooth have to be turned on?
Parakey uses Bluetooth to unlock a door. When you request an unlock in the Parakey app, the app communicates via encrypted Bluetooth to the door's Parakey device, which then unlocks it.

Start using mobile keys

No more keeping track of keys, fobs, cards and codes
Access management online, unlock offline
Infinitely scalable
Browser displaying Parakey Web Portal and its DashboardUnlock the view in the Parakey app
Dashboard mockupDashboard mockup
Parakey NFC sticker

Tap to unlock

Unlock the door quickly and easily by holding your phone against the Parakey NFC sticker at the door.