Parakey Cylinder

Digitalize all imaginable locks

Flexible electronic cylinder of the highest quality for e.g. apartments, utility rooms, boom gates and padlocks.
Parakey Cylinder from the sideParakey Cylinder from side but lit LED
The knob of the Parakey Cylinder containing all the electronicsCylinder fitting for Parakey Cylinder
Modular construction

Fits all types of cylinders

Install the Parakey Cylinder whether the cylinder type and design is Scandinavian, European or American.

All you need is the cylinder

Quick and easy retrofit without the need for neither internet connection nor wired power.

Unlock with your phone

Parakey Cylinder installed in a padlock
Mobile access everywhere

Enrich everything from apartments to padlocks

Quickly make mechanical systems digital, eliminating physical keys for doors and locked spaces.

Installing the Parakey Cylinder in demanding environments

Weatherproof - IP66

Getting access, giving access and keeping track of who has access where and when should be as simple as possible.
Parakey Cylinder installed in a door
In partnership with Uhlmann & Zacher

Robust and proven

German engineering and quality meets Swedish technology and innovation in robust stainless steel.

No connection required

The cylinder, like Parakey's other devices, is offline, no connected hubs are needed.

Long battery life

Battery powered* to avoid wiring and enable installation without wired power.
* Estimated battery life is 3 years.

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The package consists of 5 units of Parakey Cylinder, Parakey Door HandleΒ (indoor or outdoor version) or a mix of them.

Three pieces of Parakey Cylinder and two pieces of Parakey Door Handle

Frequently asked questions

Is the Parakey Cylinder available in different versions?
The standard version of the Parakey Cylinder is in brushed stainless steel, for indoor use.

IP66 (outdoor use) is available as an option.
What is the cost of the Parakey Cylinder?
All prices for Parakey can be found via the link below πŸ‘‡.
Which cylinder fittings can the Parakey Cylinder be used for?
The Parakey Cylinder fits Scandinavian, European, American and most other international cylinder fittings.
What is the battery life of the Parakey Cylinder?
Preliminary 3 year battery life, final battery life will be presented in Q1-24.
What type of batteries does the Parakey Cylinder use?
The Parakey Cylinder uses 2 CR2 3V Lithium batteries. These batteries can be purchased directly from Parakey, a wholesaler, technology store or a well-stocked grocery store.
Can the Parakey Cylinder be installed on a padlock?
Absolutely! The choice of padlock is important for the best user experience. Our recommendation is to use a lock with a cylinder fitting and "self-locking" in most cases.
Does the Parakey Cylinder require internet connections or "hubs"?
No, Parakey Cylinder, as well as all other hardware from Parakey, does not require internet, hubs or similar to work.

Ready to start using mobile keys?

No more keeping track of keys, fobs, cards and codes
Infinitely scalable
Access management online, unlock offline
Browser displaying Parakey Web Portal and its DashboardUnlock the view in the Parakey app