Parakey Web Portal

Cloud-based access management

Securely manage mobile keys and users wherever you are - from a smartphone, tablet or computer.
The dashboard in Parakey Web Portal and a Macbook Pro
Parakey Web Portal

Cloud-based access management

Securely manage mobile keys and users wherever you are - from a smartphone, tablet or computer.
Hanna Magnusson manages mobile access via a computer
The digital key factory

For those who don't want any hassle

As easy as can be

Send keys in seconds

Just as easy to send 1 or 1000s of mobile keys to 1 or 1000s of users.

Administration of users and mobile keys from the Parakey Web Portal

What happened at the office at 02:45?

See how properties and locked spaces are used, who enters where and when. Of course, fully GDPR compliant.

Getting started on your own

Quick start-up and scale-up with automatic onboarding of new app users and administrators.

Time-restricted mobile key
Time-restricted keys

Key valid on Thursday 10-17

Send time-restricted mobile keys to visitors, contractors or cleaning staff, for example.

Delegated administration

Let tenants manage their own access

Hanna Magnusson manages mobile access via a computer
Not on-site? - No problem!

Manage mobile keys remotely

Getting access, giving access and keeping track of who has access where and when should be as simple as possible.
Parakey Web Portal and the Parakey App which shows remote administration possibilities
Streamline and decentralize

Delegate administrative rights

Free up time - delegate access management rights within the organization, to tenants and contractors, while maintaining control.

Via the web portal

Distribute administrative rights for selected doors and enable tenants to send out mobile keys themselves.

Send key from app

Allows users to send selected keys directly from the Parakey app.
Access management on autopilot

Integrate more

Automate access management by connecting Parakey with e.g. property systems, booking systems or your own app.
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"It only takes a minute to invite 30 people to Parakey, with fobs it would take several hours, because it takes at least five minutes for each fob."

Victora, IOFFICE
Reception & event, IOFFICE

Incredibly many features

Parakey continuously releases new features to create the best experience of mobile access.

Two-factor authentication

Further increase security by enabling two-factor authentication, which provides additional protection for users with access to the web portal.

Real-time updates

All changes in Parakey Web Portal, such as door and key names, schedules, validity periods and security settings, are updated directly, remotely.

Keep a door unlocked

Schedule when a door should be unlocked or keep a door unlocked manually via the app.

Key schedule

Schedule which days and times a key can be used to unlock selected doors.

Custom fields

Add additional information such as company, type of rental, phone number, etc. for easier filtering.

Bulk handling

Save time by importing and managing multiple users at once instead of one by one.

Frequently asked questions

What are the different ways to send a key?
A mobile key can be sent via Parakey Web Portal, integration, or - if enabled - directly via the Parakey app.

The web portal can be accessed via a browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
How to get started as an administrator in Parakey?
A welcome email is sent to a user who is assigned the adminstrator role. As a new administrator in Parakey, you log in to Parakey Web Portal and can directly add users and send mobile keys.
Is Parakey GDPR compliant?
Absolutely, Parakey is fully GDPR-compliant and protects user data to the utmost. For example, access logs are anonymized after 3 months by default, customers can reduce this further if desired.
How many users can you have in Parakey?
The number of users you can have is determined by the number of users in your license and you can have an infinite number of users in your license.
Can you log in to the web portal from your tablet and smartphone?
Absolutely, the web portal is designed to work on computers, tablets and smartphones.
Where can I find detailed information about the features in the web portal?
You can find this in Parakey's feature list but also in our Help Center which is filled with information about all the functionality.

Let's go! Unlock with your smartphone.

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