Digital lock for professional use

The market's first professional digital lock with mobile access.
Inclined Parakey PDL with the chin bar unfolded
Person has unlocked a door via their smartphone
Hybrid lock

Unlock with both smartphone and physical key

Supports both the new and traditional way of unlocking.

Concealed installation

All technology integrated in the lock case

Quick, elegant and vandal-proof installation.

Detailed view of the Parakey PDL and its circuit board

No internet connection is required to unlock.

Battery powered

One battery lasts for 30,000 unlocks for more than two years. No need for wired power to the door.

Parakey PDL from the side with the hook rule unfoldedParakey PDL in profile from behindParakey PDL in profile from the front
Mobile access to more doors

Mechanical lock case with built-in access control system

For the first time, a mechanical lock is combined with a digital access control system.
Continuously updated with new functionality.
The lock house is certified to withstand at least 200,000 unlocks, 30 years in an apartment door in other words.
Take your security to the next level

Hook bolt for increased security and classification

"Night locking"
Class 3 without modification of the door
Certified (ongoing) according to SSF 3522, SSF 3523 and SSF 1075
Parakey PDL with recessed hook ruleThe hook rule on a Parakey PDL

What do customers say?

Stena Fastigheter logo
"Our tenants appreciate being able to easily issue and remove mobile keys to employees on their own."
Emmie from Stena Fastigheter
Emmie Andjelic Ekholm
Commercial manager, Stena Fastigheter Malmö
Toca Boca logo
"Everyone has their phone with them, it is rare that you forget your phone. The key, you forget."
Roland from Toca Boca
Ronald Holmberg
Senior IT Technician, Toca Boca
"We save a lot of time inviting users to Parakey, compared to activating a key fob."
Victoria from IOFFICE
Reception & event, IOFFICE
Revelop logo
"Parakey is a much more stable and robust system than other solutions we have tested."
Calle from Revelop
Calle Wettergren Henriksson
Head of PropTech & Digitalization, Revelop

Frequently asked questions

Does Parakey PDL fit existing doors?
Absolutely, Parakey PDL fits the majority of doors, even existing ones. Parakey PDL follows "Swedish / Nordic lock case standard".
Do we have to keep the old key?
No, it is optional and up to you as a customer whether you want to keep the key or not.
Does Parakey PDL need internet access?
No, Parakey PDL does not require an internet connection. All smart hardware from Parakey works completely "offline".
Can you see how much battery is left?
Yes, as an administrator you can see the battery status in Parakey Web Portal. As a user, you are notified in the app when the battery level is getting low.
How to buy batteries for Parakey PDL?
Batteries for Parakey PDL can be ordered via Parakey's website or purchased from recommended retailers.

Start using mobile keys

No more keeping track of keys, fobs, cards and codes
Access management online, unlock offline
Infinitely scalable
Browser displaying Parakey Web Portal and its DashboardUnlock the view in the Parakey app