Access management on autopilot

Automate access management by connecting your tools with Parakey.
iPhone with Parakey SDKCircles filled with logos from instagrationsModal for APIModal with Zapier
Integration of Parakey SDK in third party app
Deep linking & SDK

Unlock from your app

Enrich your app with mobile access or open the Parakey app from web or smartphone apps.


Use Parakey's open API to add mobile access to your solution.

Integrate into hardware

Add mobile access to physical products.

Flowchart for Zapier

Integrate without code

Use the Zapier integration hub to automate access management, without having to write code.

Incredible integration possibilities

Examples of what customers have already automated today

Save time and resources or realize completely new business models by automating.
BokaMera logo

Booked time gives mobile key

Automatically send out a mobile key upon booking (and payment).
Wondr logo

The smartphone as a gym card

Automatically give mobile access based on membership or booking.
Bamboo HR logo

Let new employees go right in

Manage permissions and access for employees from other systems.

Moving in/out and laundry room booking

Automate allocation of mobile access linked to a contract or booking.
APCOA Parking logo

Digital parking permit

The smartphone as a key to locked garages when signing a digital parking permit.
Nexudus logo

Keyless coworking

Mobile access to paying members. Time restricted access to booked spaces.
Parakey API with code examples

Parakey API - as an API should be

Parakey is designed to be quickly and easily integrated into other solutions.
Manage users and mobile keys
Read event logs
Webhooks and much more

Connect Parakey with 6.500+ services

Build workflows visually and connect Parakey with the products and systems you use today. Use the Zapier integration hub to automate your access management.

Zapier logo with several logos of integration possibilities
iPhone with Parakey SDKiPhone with a fictional travel app using the Parakey SDK
Deep linking & SDK

Parakey in your own app

Use "deep links" to open the Parakey app from your app. Or join the waiting list for Parakey's upcoming SDK - allowing the user to unlock from your app.

Frequently asked questions

What is an API?
An API (Application Programming Interface) makes it possible to connect services and products to exchange information between each other or perform functions.

For example, book a conference room in Outlook and then automatically send out a mobile key via Parakey to external guests.
Which booking systems can Parakey connect to?
Parakey can be connected to many booking systems such as BokaMera, e-serve and Calendly (through the Zapier integration hub).

Most of the popular booking systems have a connection to Zapier, which means that you can connect Parakey with many of the market's solutions.

💡 Zapier tips: If your particular booking system does not have a connection to Zapier, you can usually connect Parakey and the booking system indirectly by using the Google Calendar or the Outlook connection in Zapier.
What is Zapier?
Zapier makes it possible to connect different services and automate workflows between them. Create so-called "zaps" to trigger an event in one service based on events in another service - without writing code.

Zapier is for those who are technically versed, for example, can master formulas in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheet.
We are developing a service that we want to integrate with Parakey, how do we get started?
In our Help Center you can read more about how to get started with your integration with Parakey.
How can we get mobile access from Parakey into our own app?
Register your interest in Parakey's upcoming SDK 👇.

Automate your access management today

No more keeping track of keys, fobs, cards and codes
Access management online, unlock offline
Infinitely scalable
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