Your smartphone as a key

Safer and more efficient management of locked spaces.

Over 1,000 extremly satisfied customers are already unlocking doors with their smartphones.
Why the smartphone as a key?

Enabling properties to be used to their full potential

Parakey is a cloud and mobile-based access control system. We replace costly, insecure and complex solutions with time-efficient mobile access management that can also be automated through integration.
We help companies to change the use of spaces, realize completely new business models and at the same time increase security and control in premises and properties. With Parakey, you ensure that the right person, at the right time, has access to the right locked space - with a smartphone as a key.
Use properties and spaces to their full potential

Next generation's access control system

With Parakey you ensure that the right person, at the right time, has access to the right locked space - with a smartphone as a key.

Person administers Parakey from the web portal via a MacBook Pro
Parakey Cloud Service

Intuitive administration in the cloud

No more hassle. Manage users and mobile keys quickly, securely and easily wherever you are.

The Parakey App on an iPhone and an Android phone with darkmode enabled.
The Parakey App on an iPhone and an Android phone with darkmode enabled.
Parakey App

Your smartphone as a key

Send and receive mobile keys and unlock the door with your smartphone.

Choose a secure solution that works

Parakey is robust, secure and independent of the internet for unlocking.

Administration on autopilot

Automate your access management via Parakey's APIs, SDK and connection to Zapier.

Parakey devices; Parakey Cylinder, Door Handle and Slim
Smart hardware

Digitalize your doors

The most reliable system on the market. Enrich existing access control system with mobile access or use Parakey as your only access control system.

The Nordic region's most widely used solution for mobile access

unique users
50 million
This is it

Dare to let go of keys, fobs & cards!

Getting access, giving access and keeping track of who has access where and when should be as simple as possible.
Macbook Pro with Parakey Web Portals DashboardCircles filled with logos from instagrationsParakey API modalOptional restrictions in Parakey Web PortalZapier modal
The digital key factory

Parakey Cloud Service

A super-easy way to manage mobile keys for all types of users, businesses and business models, whether it's a single space or an entire property portfolio.

Administration via Parakey Web Portal or on autopilot via Parakey's incredibly many integration possibilities.
The smartphone, the ultimate key

Parakey App

Forget keys, fobs, cards & codes - with the right mobile key you can always get in, even without an internet connection.
Dashboard mockupiPhone showing unlock view in Parakey AppNote from the Parakey appNote from the Parakey app
Enrich your doors with mobile access

Smart hardware

Quickly install a robust and secure Parakey device that does not require internet connection. Choose the best device according to your purpose and needs.
Slim the world's smallest access control system
Control Unit for cases that require extra long reach
Cylinder turn your physical key digital
New 🎉
Door Handle access control system in the handle
New 🎉
PDL for doors without an electric lock
Parakey Cylinder, Door Handle and Slim set upOverview of the Parakey Cylinder, Door Handle and Slim

Offer! 🎉

Try our new products

Package with a discounted price, priority delivery and the opportunity to influence product development.

The package consists of 5 units of Parakey Cylinder, Parakey Door Handle (indoor or outdoor version) or a mix of them.

Three pieces of Parakey Cylinder and two pieces of Parakey Door Handle
Why Parakey?

Choose a secure solution that works

When you choose Parakey, you choose a solution that works with the highest security on the market.

Works without internet

The Parakey app does not require an internet connection to unlock. All Parakey devices are "offline" and are not connected to the internet.

Infinitely scalable

Administrate the single premise to the large real estate portfolio. Manage an infinite number of users, doors and properties.

Continuously updated

Just like the demands and needs of the market, Parakey is in constant development and is continuously enriched with new functionality.


Should courses be required to manage a access control system? - NO. Parakey is user-friendly and intuitive, get started without courses.
Modern property with glass facadeA Polestar and Cake motorcycle in a parking garageFacade of a propertyA lounge at EntreprenörsgatanWoman unlocking a door with a mobile phone

Let's go! Unlock with your smartphone.

Avoid time-consuming access management
Get started without hassle
Increase your security

Frequently asked questions

What is Parakey?
Parakey is a cloud and smartphone-based access control system where access management takes place online, in the cloud, and a smartphone is used as a key to open locked spaces. This is made possible by smart hardware that is completely offline - unlocking takes place securely and encrypted via Bluetooth. Access management online, unlock offline.
What is the difference between a digital key and mobile key?
Many industry colleagues refer to entry cards and fobs as digital keys. At Parakey, we believe that a true digital key is a mobile key that is managed and distributed completely digitally.
What are the benefits of the smartphone as a key?
The benefits of using the smartphone as a key are many. With digital access management, you save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on distributing and recovering physical keyholders, such as fobs and plastic cards. You do not have to keep track of more keys, fobs, entry cards and codes, neither as a user nor administrator.

It also increases the security as you as an administrator have full control over who has a mobile key, to where and when, and you can take back a mobile key at any time.

Simply "access on demand" 🔑📲.
How does Parakey work?
A mobile key is created and sent from the Parakey Cloud Service to a user's app. The user requests an unlock in the app which communicates, via encrypted Bluetooth, with the Parakey device installed at the door. The device unlocks the door and sends the status and log back to the cloud service via the app.
Can we use Parakey if we already have an access control system?
Your existing system can easily be enriched and made smart using Parakey Slim or Parakey Control Unit. Parakey works great as a stand alone access control system, but can also be used in parallel with an existing system.
Do we need an access control system for Parakey to work?
No, Parakey works great as a stand alone access control system 👍

With Parakey there is also the possibility to enrich and modernize existing access control system with mobile access.
Parakey Blog

Latest news

In our blog you will find the latest news, use cases and much more.
Parakey digital cylinder installed in a door

Lås & Larm in Halmstad: "In under 5 min you install a cylinder"

On a sunny but windy day, Martin Lundahl, security technician at Lås & Larm, installed Parakey Cylinder to about 20 technical rooms.
A blurred image of a residential property with Parakey's, Slättö's and Avy's logos in the foreground

"The integration is a ten-pointer!" - Slättö on Parakey & Avy

With the integration between Parakey and Avy, Slättö has automated its access management in connection with tenants moving in and out of a property in Vega.
Tobias Thorén, Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Paréa

New opportunities at Paréa coworking space with Parakey

Paréa has implemented mobile access from Parakey to be able to save time, costs and expand its offering using new business models.
Parakey Web Portal on a Macbook in the lap of a woman sitting outside among autumn leaves.

Even smoother access management with Parakey's new web portal 🎉

In this blog post, we take a look at everything that's gotten easier, greater-looking and better in the digital key factory.

Edsvikens Larm: "Parakey is safe all the way"

Edsvikens Larm is an installation company with a strong Parakey focus that was honored to make Sweden's first installation of Parakey Door Handle.
Moa Gamlin, Community Manager A house Börshuset

A house first in Sweden with Parakey's digital door handle

On February 1, A house opened a new coworking in Slakthusområdet. There they are the first in Sweden to use Parakey's digital door handle with mobile access.