The market's leading mobile access platform

Parakey ensures that the right person is given access to locked spaces at the right time with a smartphone as a mobile key

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Meet the world's smallest access control system, Parakey Slim. Modernize your existing access control system.

Mobile phone as key

Send mobile keys in seconds. Reduce costs by avoiding physical handling of tags and keys.

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Flexible key management

Manage locked spaces remotely via Parakey's Web Portal. Distribute administration within the organization or to external parties.

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Easy to integrate

Automate key management by connecting the same Parakey with the systems and services currently used in your business.

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The Nordic region's leading supplier

Parakey is the Nordic region's largest and leading provider of mobile access
Registered users
Openings of doors
First mobile key sent

Simple, powerful and safe

Automate key management

Connect your existing systems with Parakey via API, Zapier and SDK.

User-friendly, get started quickly

Built-in Product Tours, chatbot and proactive support make it easy to get started with Parakey.

For all types of doors

Parakey PDL - Everything collected in the lock house

Opens up new opportunities to cost-effectively equip doors with digital access control with mobile access.

Parakey Control Unit - Control locks and systems

Parakey can act as an individual access control system and control electromechanical locks as well as existing systems.
No restrictions

Infinitely scalable

From the smaller office to the large property portfolio
Infinite number of users
Infinite number of doors
Unlock doors & gates
Control existing systems
Control alarms
Low installation cost

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We are happy to help you get started with mobile keys

Automated key management

Conveniently prepared interface blocks
Complete Integration with Webflow CMS
A stylish and modular UI Kit

See where Parakey is used

Parakey is used in several business areas. Here you can learn more about what functions can be used in your business.
Commercial real estate

Efficient key management for the entire portfolio

Reduce manual administration, be cost-effective, and create a positive customer experience with mobile access.

  • No physical keys or tags
  • New and different business models
  • Connect different systems and services
  • Increased security and control
Apartment buildings

The apartment key in your smartphone

Implement the market's most flexible and cost-effective digital lock with mobile access - realize new business models and create the best living experience.

  • Unlock with your phone
  • Scalable access platform
  • Mobile access also to apartments
  • Increased security and control
Offices & Premises

Keyless office with the highest security

Make it easy for your employees. No more codes or tags to keep track of, the key is in their smartphone.

  • New opportunities
  • "Tap" to open.
  • Time and site independent administration
  • User-friendly and automated
Coworking & Office Hotels

Increased accessibility and flexibility

Sharpen your customer experience with automated access allocation for coworking spaces, office hotels and ready-to-move-in offices.

  • New and different business models
  • Connect different systems and services
  • Manage remotely
  • Increased security and control
Gym & Fitness Facilities

Digital gym cards with mobile access

Less time on administration, more time to focus on the members. Let the key management take care of itself.

  • Connect your business system with Parakey
  • Increased security and control
  • Access without code or tag
  • Time and site independent administration

With your phone as a remote control

Create a positive user experience for people who park in your garages and automate access allocation based on parking permits.

  • Increased security and control
  • Manage remotely
  • Connect different systems and operators
  • Access without leaving the car

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See how Parakey works and how mobile access can be applied in your area of activity.

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