Parakey Slim - Product launch

The world's smallest access control system, Parakey Slim, was launched by Parakey on 16 September Space Arena in Stockholm. In front of hundreds of customers, partners and industry colleagues, we showcased for the first time the next game changer to enable a faster transition from physical keys and tags to the smartphone as a key to unlock doors. 

All doors and locks will be digitized

There is a huge amount of doors and locked spaces that need and will be digitized, using the smartphone as a key. Spaces will be smart and used more efficiently, spaces should be accessible on-demand to realize completely new business models. Quite simply, real estate must be used more efficiently to reach its full potential.

The transition needs to happen faster and to speed up the transition Parakey Slim is launched!

The world's smallest access control system installed behind an exit button

The world's smallest access control system

Never before has the threshold been as low as it is now to start using mobile access in buildings, premises and other forms of locked spaces. Parakey Slim is small enough to fit behind a exit button or in existing systems' electronics boxes. 

Parakey Slim opens up the possibility of modernising existing and traditional access control systems on the market and simply reusing the infrastructure already in place in buildings. 

Summary of Parakey Slim, the world's smallest access control system

Control all forms of locks, secure and without internet 

In addition to control existing access control systems, Parakey Slim can also control all forms of electromechanical locks, such as motor locks and electric striking plate. Locks are controlled via relay control or by encrypted communication between the lock and Parakey Slim via the OSDP 2 security protocol. 

The user quickly unlocks with the Parakey app over encrypted Bluetooth which will be certified against the high security requirements of the SSF 3523 Class 3 standard. 

Like Parakey Control Unit and Parakey PDL, Parakey Slim is completely independent of internet access, which increases robustness enormously compared to solutions that require connectivity. In addition to increased security as the lock is not exposed to the internet, costs are also reduced, especially for larger installations, as there is no need to provide internet connectivity to all locks.

Welcome to the line-up 

Parakey Slim is the cost-effective solution for simpler door environments and for enriching traditional systems. Parakey Control Unit is used in more advanced cases and cases that require extra long reach such as garage doors. Parakey PDL is the professional smart lock for doors that do not have electric locks today, such as apartments.

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Parakey Slim available winter 2022

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