Everything is built-in

All functionality and technology is integrated into the lock. Leads to fast, elegant and hidden installation.

Battery & wired power

Parakey PDL has one of the best battery life on the market and can also be powered by wired power.

Open without internet

Unlock doors without internet access. Encrypted communication via Bluetooth eliminates the need for connectivity.

Three ways to unlock

Unlock with smartphone app
Existing physical key
Via traditional access control system

Battery and wired power

Battery provides up to 30,000 openings before battery replacement, or an infinite number by plugging in wired power to Parakey PDL

Fits the majority of the market's doors

Swedish clock standard
Quick installation with battery power
Keep existing thumbturns, cylinders and handles

Hook bolt for increased safety and classification

"Night locking"
Lock class 3 without modification of door
Certified (ongoing) for SSF 3522, SSF 3523 and SSF 1075
Expanded opportunities

Mobile access to more doors

Opens up completely new possibilities to cost-effectively equip doors with digital access control that previously did not exist
Storage rooms
Utility rooms
Private Office
Conference rooms

Everything collected in a lock

All functionality and electronics integrated into the lock, without it being visible on the door.
Electric lock and access control system in one
For the first time, an electric lock is combined with a digital access control system in one lock case.
Open offline without internet
Unlock doors without internet access. Bluetooth increases robustness & eliminates the need for connectivity.
Partnership with dormakaba
Together with dormakaba, Parakey has developed the next generation professional digital lock.


Parakey PDL is designed to be future proof from the start. The lock is certified to pass at least 200,000 openings, in other words; 30 years in an apartment door.
Bluetooth 5
Wireless firmware updates
Continuously enriched with new functionality
Prepared for connectivity
Control from 3rd party
Integrate into your own apps

Questions about PDL?

We are happy to help you get started with mobile keys

Technical specification

Input voltage
12 VDC (wired power), 3.7 V (battery)
Battery life
Up to 30,000 openings
225(L) x 20(W) x 77(D) mm
Via handle, key and thumbturn . hook bolt for increased safety, adapted for "module" shutters.
Via app, key, access control and thumbturn
Bluetooth 5/LE (Range 50 m)
1 access control system and exit button
1 pcs

Frequently asked questions

How do we order Parakey PDL?

Order Parakey PDL by contacting Parakey's sales team or from your local security firm.

Is Parakey PDL compatible with your other products?

YES, Parakey PDL is part of Parakey's product portfolio and can be controlled from the same app, web portal and integrations.

Can you see how much battery is left?

YES inon card via the app or web portal.

Does Parakey PDL also fit existing doors?

Absolutely, Parakey PDL fits the majority of doors, even existing ones. Parakey PDL fits in all doors that have "Nordic lock case standard".

Do we have to keep the old key?

NO, it is optional and up to you as a customer whether you want to keep the key or not.

Does Parakey PDL need internet access?

NO, Parakey PDL does not require internet connection.