Parakey Control Unit

control all forms of electromechanical locks or enrich existing systems with Parakey Control Unit - infinitely scalable and cost-effective to install.

Quick installation

Parakey Control Unit is developed to be quick to install through modern technology that reduces unnecessary electronics.

Works offline

Open even without internet connection. Parakey Control Unit uses Bluetooth LE with the longest range on the market, 80 meters.

Encrypted communication

Increase security with Parakey. All communication is two-way encrypted with AES-128 bit as well as unique messages.

Under the shell

Electronics designed for today's and tomorrow's needs. Developed and produced in Gothenburg.
Incredibly long range
Open from up to 80 meters away using a uniquely developed Bluetooth antenna and amplifier.
Real-time clock
Real-time clock for increased security and robustness. Schedule when a door should be left unlocked, down to seconds.
Flexible coupling options
7 inputs/outputs to connect with locks, alarms, exit button, sensors and other systems.
Sophisticated control

Control locks and systems

Parakey Control Unit replaces the traditional access system's great need for electronics such as tag readers and local servers.
Electrical strikes
Mortise lock
Solenoid handle locks
Magnetic lock
Existing access control system
Garage doors
Speed Gates

Technical specification

Input voltage
10-28 VDC (voltage protection)
124(L) x 124(W) x 45(H) mm
290 g
Bluetooth LE (Range 80 m)
3 potential-free (NC/NO/Input)
Combo ports
4 combined inputs and outputs (2A per output)
Guaranteed temperature range
+5 to +40 degrees (non-condensing)

Get started

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Frequently asked questions

What does a Parakey Control Unit cost ?

The recommended price for a Parakey Control Unit is 6,990 SEK excluding VAT. Parakey Control Unit is sold by our dealers and installers.

If you have any questions about large-scale orders, please contact Parakey's sales team.

How many Parakey Control Units are needed?

One Control Unit per door to be controlled.

It is possible to control more than one lock and door from a Control Unit if you want these doors to be unlocked at the same time.

Is something more than a Parakey Control Unit needed?

In addition to a Parakey Control Unit the following materials are needed:

  1. Electromechanical lock
  2. Power supply
  3. Any exit button for the inside of the door

Contacted installer helps with choice of materials.

Alternatively, existing equipment/access control system can be controlled from Parakey Control Unit. In this case, nothing else is needed but a Control Unit .

How does an installation work?

Learn more about how an installation is carried out under "Installation".

Does Parakey Control Unit needs access to the Internet?

NO, Parakey Control Unit does not require internet connection.