With your phone as a remote control

Create a positive user experience for people who park in your garages and automate access allocation based on parking permits.


With Parakey, the smartphone is the user's remote control, no keys or tags are needed.

Motorized gates and locks

Parakey can be used on any elecromechanical lock, bar, gate or electric charging pole.

Automated management

Automated access allocation through connection to the market's leading systems and operators.
Safe & robust

Increased security and control

Parakey Access Platform ensures that only the right person, at the right time, has access to the right garage.

  • Detailed passage and event logs.
  • Temporary access that is automatically revoked. 
  • Works offline, with the right permissions you always get in.
Smooth administration

Manage remotely

From Parakey Web Portal mobile keys are sent at the touch of a button from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Set restrictions on the times and days for which a unique key applies. 

  • Provide quick, temporary access.
  • Automatic onboarding of new car drivers.
  • Built-in support for both administrator and car drivers.

Companies using Parakey

Easy to integrate

Connect different systems and operators

Parakey is developed to be effectively connected to other systems. The result is automated key management through connections to the market's leading systems and operators for parking. 

  • Link to Giant Leap, Apcoa, Aimo Park,
  • New business and revenue opportunities. 
  • Reduces manual handling.

Parakey makes it easier to park at LKPAB

"With Parakey, we get better customer satisfaction, more flexibility, less administration and technical problems. Today we have Parakey in all our Mobility Houses."

- Armin Memic, Operation Manager LKPAB

Features used

Automated key management via API
Detailed event logs
Mobile keys with time restrictions
Remote manual administration
Mobile access

Access without leaving the car

With Parakey App, the smartphone is the car driver's digital remote control.

  • No physical remote control or tag needed.
  • Works offline, with the right permissions you always get in.
  • Long range, open the garage without leaving the car.

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