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What is it like to install a Parakey device and how does it differ from installing traditional access control systems? We have asked the installers.
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Edsvikens Larm: "Parakey is safe all the way"

Edsvikens Larm is an installation company with a strong Parakey focus that was honored to make Sweden's first installation of Parakey Door Handle.

What is it like to install the world's smallest access control system?

In November, Anders & Sanny at Svesab Security did the first test installations of Parakey Slim. We have asked how they experienced the installations.

3.5 quick Parakey questions with Peter & Kim at Paralarm

One day we had Peter and Kim from Paralarm visiting the Parakey office and took the opportunity to ask them three (and a half) quick questions.

SafeTeam installs Parakey on 1000 doors - how does it go?

What is it like to install 1000 Parakey devices? We asked Kristoffer Sahlsten and Peter Lidstrรถm at SafeTeam.