Coworking & Office Hotels

Increased accessibility and flexibility

Sharpen your customer experience with automated access allocation for coworking spaces, office hotels and ready-to-move-in offices.


With Parakey, the smartphone is the user's digital key chain, no keys or tags are needed.

Best customer experience

User-friendly, efficient and reliable access for members and visitors.

Automated management

Automated access allocation through connection to member or business systems.

New and different business models

Flexibility in Parakey Access Platform allows access to be adapted to new forms of rental.

  • Supports more flexible/shorter leases.
  • Multiple business models can be managed in the same license/structure.
  • Contributes to increased utilization rate.
Easy to integrate

Connect different systems and services

Parakey is developed to effectively integrate with other products, systems and services. The result is automated flows.

  • Automated key management through connection to member or business systems.
  • Access is automatically assigned based on membership and agreements.
  • Ensures safe access allocation.

Companies using Parakey

Location independence

Manage remotely

Manage access whenever and wherever you want via computer, tablet or smartphone, without the need for time consuming education.

  • Send digital keys in seconds.
  • Provide quick, temporary access.
  • Built-in support, product tour & helpcenter.

Easy to manage and provide access

"It is a great advantage for us to be able to easily manage and provide access to our customers, partners and suppliers without having to hand over a physical key."
- Michaela Bäucke Kollem, CEO, Stayaround

Features used

Connection to business & booking systems
Manual "leave unlocked"
Guest access via booking
Rent per hour
Safe & robust

Increased security and control

Parakey ensures that only the right person, at the right time, has access to the right area or locked space.

  • Detailed passage and event logs.
  • Use data to analyze movement patterns and utilization rates in your spaces.
  • Temporary access/guest access that is automatically recalled.

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