Smooth process with mobile access at AGV

AGV implemented Parakey in 2021 and has thereby saved both time and costs.
Stina Hermansson
January 16, 2024
Amir Noghabai, Head of Partnerships at AGV

Amir Noghabai, Head of Partnerships at AGV

We have visited the Proptech hub All Generation Ventures, AGV, in Östermalm in Stockholm - a niche office hotel where all tenants, as well as the business as a whole, work towards a more digitized and sustainable real estate industry. AGV implemented Parakey 2021 and has thereby saved both time and costs, especially when it comes to managing members and avoiding lost fobs. 

Behind the main entrance (which of course is unlocked with the smartphone) to the historic property where AGV has its premises, it breathes new thinking and modern energy. We are welcomed by the company's Head of Partnerships, Amir Noghabai, who shows us around the bright premises where about 30 Proptech companies rent an office space. About half of the companies work daily from the office hotel, while the remaining tenants have a more hybrid way of working, says Amir.

"Access to premises should be a non-issue"

Since the office is constantly moving and AGV strives for a dynamic work environment, Amir emphasizes the importance of accessibility and agility in terms of access. He believes that "access to a room should be a non-issue" - a requirement that he thinks Parakey mobile access meets with flying colors.  

By easily granting access to new members via their email addresses instead of administering physical fobs , Parakey has simplified and streamlined operations at AGV. "It's a very smooth process," says Amir, giving us extra credit for the administration interface. 

Mobile access has also solved the problem of lost or forgotten fobs, saving time and reducing costs enormously. In addition, the tenants are very satisfied: 

"The best thing about Parakey is that I haven't heard any complaints about it. Access is one of those things you take for granted, and if you don't hear about it - that's when you know it's good."

How are real estate companies adopting Proptech solutions?

AGV was founded in order to create a context in which the tenants' business benefits from being in the office. In addition to the tenants being able to network with each other, AGV has several real estate companies as partners who participate in various forum meetings arranged on the premises. This creates added value for the companies that rent an office space - something that Amir believes will be at the heart of the workplace of the future.

He thinks that the real estate industry is adopting digital solutions in a very thorough way and that the possibility of cooperation between Proptech companies and the real estate industry is constantly evolving, but that mutual understanding is required to meet successfully.

Despite some challenges, Amir emphasizes that the cooperation between Proptech companies and the real estate industry is constantly improving, and in that work, AGV is an important player. A fresh fan that Parakey is proud to open doors for.

Finally, we ask Amir if he would recommend mobile access to other coworking actors and companies. 

We get a resounding and unequivocal "absolutely!" in response. 

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Stina Hermansson
January 16, 2024
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Amir Noghabai, Head of Partnerships at AGV

Smooth process with mobile access at AGV

AGV implemented Parakey in 2021 and has thereby saved both time and costs.
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