Mobile access from Parakey in Sveaviken Bostad's H22 project

"It is an honour that Sveaviken Bostad has chosen Parakey for their portfolio and H22 project /.../", says Peter Wegdell, Head of Sales at Parakey.
Cécilia Rubinstein
May 31, 2022

Peter Backström, Head of Administration at Sveaviken Bostad and Peter Wegdell, Head of Sales at Parakey. Photo: Sveaviken Bostad/Parakey 

South of Helsingborg, Sveaviken Bostad is building 78 apartments in a movable apartment building. The first stage is completed before the city fair H22 City Expo with a focus on innovation - and is equipped with mobile access from Parakey.

"At the beginning of the year, Sveaviken Bostad signed a framework agreement with Parakey for the implementation of mobile access in all our properties. It is therefore natural and very fun to have this innovative company and its solution for smooth passage with keys in the smartphone in our upcoming project NIWA in Helsingborg, which is part of our Rehouse concept with apartment buildings that can be dismantled and then reassembled elsewhere, "says Peter Backström, Head of Administration at Sveaviken Bostad.

"It is an honour that Sveaviken Bostad has chosen Parakey for its portfolio and H22 project, a forward-looking project that is also part of Helsingborg's commitment to innovation. We are really impressed by Sveaviken's drive to harness the power of digitalisation to create an outstanding customer/housing experience and are delighted to be a part of it," says Peter Wegdell, Head of Sales at Parakey.

From May 30 to July 3, 2022, H22 City Expo will take place in Helsingborg. The city fair is part of the city of Helsingborg's major investment in innovations in a smarter and more sustainable city. Sveaviken Bostad is a partner in the initiative and will with NIWA show modular and circular housing construction where mobile access is part of the process.

Earlier in the year, the property company chose Avy-Tmpl as its housing app and Pigello as its property system, two companies that, like Parakey, advocate open systems that can work together to meet the needs of property owners.

"Together with Avy-Tmpl and Pigello, we are confident that we will take Sveaviken's property management to the next level," says Peter Wegdell.

On June 7 and June 14, Sveaviken together with the three PropTech companies invite you to a seminar during H22 - about the future of property management where the living experience is at the center and the opportunity to see the digital modular property live.

For more information:

Peter Wegdell
Head of Sales, Parakey
[email protected]
+46 70 854 47 83

Peter Backström
Head of Administration, Sveaviken Bostad.
[email protected]
+46 70 312 94 10

About Parakey

Parakey AB develops and sells a digital access platform where a smartphone is used to open locked spaces such as apartments, offices, garages, etc. A mobile key is distributed digitally via Parakey's access platform to the user and the service is administered via Parakey's web portal or via integration. Parakey is the Nordic region's largest provider of mobile access and today has over 250,000 unique users with the ability to open locked spaces with their mobiles.

About Sveaviken Bostad

Sveaviken Bostad AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of SIBS AB (publ) and operates in residential development and own property management. The housing emphasizes sustainability, function, quality and design. Today, Sveaviken has 1,012 homes under management and 1,842 homes under construction in Järfälla, Nykvarn and Nyköping, among other places. Furthermore, the company has approximately 11,400 homes under planning and the goal is to produce at least 1,000 homes per year. learn more at

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