Automated key management

Connect your tools with Parakey. Automate your key management to save resources and realize business models.


Use Parakey's open API to integrate mobile access into your service.
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Automate key management and flows quickly through Parkey's connection to the Zapier integration hub.
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Add mobile access to your own apps and realize completely new solutions and business models.
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Connection to Parakey opens the door to endless possibilities

Book conference rooms, training sessions, parkings space and much more.

By connecting with Outlook and Google Calendar, Parakey supports 90% of today's different booking systems.
Parakey is linked to several leading business systems for gyms and training facilities. Automate access to your training facility today!
Use Parakey's integration opportunities to automate access allocation according to the tenancy agreement.

See all existing integrations

Parakey is continuously enriched with new integrations. See the full list of integrations to other services.

Mobile access platform

The market's most easy-to-work and flexible API to enrich solutions with mobile access.
Built for integration
Parakey is built from the ground up to integrate into other solutions.
Scalability & Transparency
Scale from single users and doors to a large scale with 10,000's of users and doors.
Continuous development
Ongoing launch of new features to constantly be a leader in mobile access and integration.

A helping hand in connecting your tools?

Automate without code

Parakey's integration with Zapier makes it easy to automate your key management through services you already use.
No Code - Minimal Barrier
Visually build flows and connect tools with Parakey for automated key management.
Connect 2,500+ other services
Connect the tools you already use today.

Integrate with your own app

Improve the user experience by adding Parakey's functionality to your own app.
Supports hyper-links to open Parakey App from web or smartphone apps.
SDK - Mobile access in your app
The opportunity to enrich your app with mobile access will soon open. Keep the user in the same app.

Questions about integrations?

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