Summer without interruption and stress - with mobile access

Mobile access from Parakey is the solution to all summer problems with keys, fobs and access cards.
Stina Hermansson
July 18, 2022

There are many benefits of implementing mobile access from Parakey. Not having to handle physical keys, fobs and access cards is a great advantage that not only streamlines daily operations, but also contributes to the smooth running of the administration during holidays.ย 

Managing and administering physical keys or traditional access control system at holiday times can often be both problematic and difficult, as it often requires someone responsible to be physically at place to program, distribute, or handle lost keys, fobs or access cards. Not infrequently, this means that administrators need to work during the holidays, or that tenants may not be able to get access until the administrator is back from his/her leave.ย 

Parakey is the solution to all summer problems with keys, fobs and badges! Our service enables administration to be done remotely - from the couch, beach or hammock. With just a few clicks in Parakey's web portal or app, administrators can send mobile keys in seconds. In addition, the administrator can specify when a user should be able to use a mobile key, which gives the opportunity to prepare for the holidays by sending mobile keys in advance (which then become effective during the holidays). Another advantage is that the administrator also does not have to think about how or when a key should be returned.ย 

In addition to the flexibility of being able to manage access remotely, Parakey also contributes to increased security and control because administrators always have full control over who has access where and when. Highly traceable logs in Parakey's web portal allow an administrator to keep track of who is moving around the property, even when on holiday, should the need arise.ย 

access management becomes simple - just simple! With Parakey, you can have a real vacation.

Interested in digitizing doors with Parakey?

Stina Hermansson
July 18, 2022

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